Now in bookstores, “All The Ways We Said Goodbye”

Way back at the beginning of my writing career, I met two authors whose books I already admired—Karen White and Lauren Willig—and a special friendship was born, the kind that grows over morning coffee and evening cocktails, over shared tastes, shared laughter, and shared experience, until one evening we thought it would be a really neat idea to write a novel together, just so we could spend more time in each other’s company.

Out of those misty beginnings came The Forgotten Room and The Glass Oceanour first two collaborations, and a whole new legion of readers who loved our seamless, multi-generational stories of history and female endurance. Today, our third work arrives in bookstores, and we have to agree with early reviewers that this evocative, heartbreaking novel is simply magic. Set in France, All The Ways We Said Goodbye journeys from the First World War to the Second World War to 1960s Paris, as three generations of women find refuge from the scars of war at the legendary Ritz hotel…and discover the bittersweet bonds between them.

Even as we wrote this book, we knew it was something special. The history, the characters, the twists, the threads that tie the generations together—everything just came together in such a deeply emotional way. Creating stories with Karen and Lauren has become the great joy of my writing career, and this one is everything we wanted to do when we first started collaborating. We’re thrilled that All The Ways We Said Goodbye has won so many rave reviews already, from a starred notice at LibraryJournal to an in-depth profile at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The novel is a LibraryReads pick for January, an editor’s pick at Amazon, and has been featured in best-of lists at PopSugar, AARP, and more.

We are so delighted to present this enthralling novel to you, our readers, and we hope to see you on the road at one of our book tour events so you can experience magic of history and female friendship…or, as we like to call it, Vitamin W.