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Coastal Living Magazine: Book of the Month
“Nothing beats summers spent poring over page turners in the shade of a beach umbrella. That’s why we’re rolling out our first-ever Beach Reads Book Club! Each month we’ll choose a novel, and then get together for an online Q&A and live Twitter chat (#clbookclub) with the book’s author.” COASTAL LIVING MAGAZINE

O Magazine: You’ve Found that Summer Feeling
“Lily Dane and Budgie Byrne have vacationed together in Seaview, Rhode Island, since they were babies, and are close in the way only two people who’ve known each other forever can be. The problem is they don’t actually like each other anymore, in Beatriz Williams’s fast-paced love story, A Hundred Summers (G.P. Putnam’s Sons), we meet the now-grown women in the summer of 1938, when the scorching sun illuminates a friend’s betrayal and reignites a romance…” O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE

Huffington Post: Best Books Summer 2013
“Modern-day sorcerers, seaside romance, royal treachery: They’re the stuff of the clever and witty novels being published this summer. Some are escapist and some ask us to think about societal ills, but all are worth getting lost in this summer. Whether you’re headed to the beach, trekking to the mountains or staying home, these stories will be memorable accompaniments…” Huffington Post

Great Summer Reads
“How did Nick Greenwald, the love of socialite Lily Dane’s life, end up married to her former best friend Budgie? A tale of star-crossed passion and intrigue set in 1930s old-money Rhode Island.”
People Magazine (Print Edition)

Vanity Fair: Best Beach Reads
“Towel wet? Clothes damp? Napkins but a distant dream? You’re going to reach for the nearest piece of paper to clean the sand and surf from your sunglasses. We recommend A Hundred Summers, Beatriz Williams’s ‘masterfully done’ story of ‘betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption.’”
Vanity Fair

Good Housekeeping: Best Beach Reads
“Summer of 1938: A scandalous love triangle and a famous hurricane converge in a New England beach community. Add in a betrayal between friends, a marriage for money, and a Yankee pitcher, and it’s a perfect storm.” Good Housekeeping

Jewish Book Council: Book Review
“Beatriz Williams’s novel, A Hundred Summers, is a fascinating look into the lives of New Yorkers during the 1930s. The storyline is an intricately woven tale of romance, friendship, suspense, betrayal, and closely guarded secrets, against a backdrop of how the “old WASP New York guard” viewed Jews…” JEWISH BOOK COUNCIL


Color Me Vintage
“Since I had a lot of term papers, and not a lot of money, I logged many hours in front of that mighty Wurlitzer organ, waiting for the curtains to part. By the time I graduated, I could drawl out a pretty fair impression of Katharine Hepburn’s upper-crust WASP voice, and I had developed a passionate crush on Gordon MacRae. So when I first started imagining a novel set around the great New England hurricane of 1938, I harked back to some of my favorite vintage movies for inspiration…” — Beatriz Williams USA TODAY

On June 4th, Beatriz Williams discussed why she chose to use the hurricane of ’38 as the pivotal, defining event of the book, nearly a character itself. She also discussed how, in historical fiction, historical elements and facts should infuse rather than dominate the work. Otherwise they become a jarring distraction to the literary experience. Click here to listen to the podcast from the evening.

WTNH (New Haven): TV Interview
Joining Teresa LaBarbera in the studio today is Author Beatriz Williams, who burst onto the literary scene in 2012 with a debut novel so irresistible, it not only earned raves among trade reviewers and in the blogosphere, it snagged awards even before its publish date. (Recorded June 13th 2012)

She Reads: Tell Me Something New
“Which A Hundred Summers character is based on a real-life person? The answer will delight you!..” She Reads

Cozy up with these beach reads this summer
“It’s 1938, and New York socialite Lily Dane is expecting another summer of social swirl when she and her family return to a seaside town in Rhode Island. But a surprise is waiting: Seems her former fiancé has married her ex-best friend, and they’re going to be neighbors…” The Sacramento Bee

Beatriz Williams Illuminates A Hundred Summers
“What inspired the idea for A Hundred Summers – and how did you find the process of writing this book compared to that of your debut…” Hartford Books Examiner

Barnes and Noble: Guest Books
“Beatriz Williams’s bestselling A Hundred Summers lets 1930s socialites loose upon a Rhode Island beach town, as former lovers Lily and Nick, now spoken for, try to quell their lasting desire for one another amid a mixed company, including Nick’s commanding seductress wife and a handsome Yankees pitcher with his sights set on Lily. This week, Williams recommends five great summer reads she has placed under the banner of “the vintage beach…” BARNES AND NOBLE